Compatible With VXL1(B/W) 24, 16 and 8
Transformer Taps 100 V: 60 W, 30 W, 15 W
70 V: 60 W, 30 W, 15 W, 7.5 W
Speaker Selector VXL1(B/W) 24 VXL1(B/W), 16 VXL1(B/W) and 8 VXL1(B/W)
Dust and Water Resistant IP35
Dimensions HXWXD – 247mmX 54mmX 103mm
Net Weight 1.9kg

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The ST-L1B by Yamaha is a speaker transformer for the VXL series of line array speakers. These transformers are for high impedance systems.
VXL series line array speakers offer a unique combination of outstanding sound quality and slim form that is ideal for a variety of environments.
Line array speakers offer excellent projection as well as uniform volume and sound quality over a wide service area, making them a great choice for multipurpose halls, lecture halls, conference rooms, and other facilities that require maximum intelligibility throughout the listening area.
The VXL series includes three models with different numbers of speaker units. Models can be combined to optimally serve a variety of spaces and situations. Slim 54mm wide cabinets and elegantly curved grille designs blend beautifully with any décor while delivering uniform, top quality sound for speech and music reproduction in a wide range of applications.


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