Interactive LCD Tablet

Intractive LCD Tablet High Sense Digitization – Catch any Touch
Intelligent accumulated electromagnetic technology provides high pressure sensitivity and cursor stability which makes the high resolution small letter writing not missing writing stroke anywhere.

Power Utility Program Bundle – Easy to Use
Simple and easy to use. Has inbuilt recording of presentation and special icon in software to directly input from visualizer or any other camera for presentation purpose.

Market Leader in World Top IT Origin
Achieved major market share and won ‘Best E– Learning and U–Learning Solution Provider” from the Ministry.

Best Design Award, Simple Maintenance
Selected as the best design model. Easy maintenance is possible with the sensor board behind the panel.

Medical chart and medical imaging.
Doctor can illustrate the detail clearly to their patients on consulting room by drawing X–ray photo or case history. Doctors can make paperless environment in hospital by digitalizing case history

E–learning, Education, Instruction
Make teacher and students interactive instantly. By bundling proper S/W, teachers can grasp every students’ response and study status. Teachers can mark the main point of the course he/she teach.

Digital signature and Verification
Natural way to secure you confidential file, user account of PC. Easily approve on the file you want without using printing.

Presentation, Seminar and panel discussion
Presenters are able to add ideas on the screen directly Easily use on emphasizing the points or image you want.


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Intractive LCD Tablet VERON IT17         Intractive LCD Tablet VERON IT19

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